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Process Automation

Process Automation is transforming a manual data process into a digital one in a way that centralises, compiles and simplifies information within a company. That could mean a simple electronic filing cabinet, or a process to reduce or replace administrative tasks, or a solution to streamline whole departments. Whatever it is, managing the lifecycle of documents and data around a business allows greater control and visibility, whilst increasing efficiency and security.

There are four key areas within Process Automation, which can be addressed as a whole, or tackled individually dependent on requirement:

  1. Data Capture – Scanning documents to pick out key information and then digitising that information
  2. Document Management – Electronic filing cabinet, managing and controlling all of your information/documents in a secure and central location
  3. Workflow – Routing key information / documents around a business as part of a process
  4. Accounting / Reporting – Instantly create and distribute reports that give a visual representation of ‘live’ data

Using technology based around these components, custom-built Process Automation solutions can be created to fit any business need. We do this in an entirely unique manner …  Once the initial process has been streamlined, the system can then be built on using any number of components, to improve additional processes throughout the company. By working this way, we can ensure that the initial investment in the core technology allows a very cost effective way to grow in the future.

The Benefits of Process Automation

  • Gain visibility and control of your documents
  • Simplify processes to make them more efficient
  • Be pro-active rather than re-active
  • Decrease reliance on paper and people
  • Reliable platform that grows with your business
  • Share data immediately with anyone in your business
  • Meet compliance targets and government legislation
  • Disaster proof your processes

Facts and Figures

  • RoI in 6 months
  • 80%- proven technology. 20%- bespoke configuration
  • Automated processes are over 2X more efficient than manual ones
  • 5% of all paper documents are lost or misfiled
  • 90% of filed documents are never referred to again
  • Employees spend up to 40 percent of their time trying to find information they need in their daily routines

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