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Xerox has created print cartridges for use in a range of Non Xerox printers such as…
HP – Samsung – Dell – Lexmark & Brother with Up to 50% cost savings and page yields equal or significantly better than the manufacturers offering.

The quality of Xerox® replacement cartridges is just what you would expect from the leader in toner technology. The savings you’ll make may be more of a surprise.

Xerox invented toner technology over 70 years ago and has an unsurpassed level of experience in the area of laser printing. We know exactly what is needed to make a perfect print—page after page after page after page…….

Looking for Xerox replacement cartridges?

We stock a complete range of replacement Xerox cartidges and provide full support.
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Looking for manufacturers “Genuine” Cartridges?

We can supply cartridges for all makes and models including HP, Canon and many more.
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Did you know, we can supply the complete range of HP Printers and provide Authorised Service Support?
Apparently a lot of our customers thought we only sold Xerox products?
Although this is our main product line, we do also supply many makes and in particular the HP range of devices.

Immediate savings: Two ways to save more

  • Up to 50% cost savings compared to HP or Brother cartridges
  • Xerox cartridges deliver page yields equal or significantly better than HP or Brother
  • Lower cost per page compared to HP or Brother on all Xerox cartridges

Quality: From the World Leader in toner technology

  • Xerox is the leader in toner technology with excellence in colour
  • Excellent print quality and cartridge consistency
  • Xerox approved quality and reliability

Confidence: Worry-free printing, page after page

  • Using Xerox cartridges does not invalidate the printer warranty
  • Each cartridge bears a lifetime guarantee
  • Extensive and growing range of cartridges servicing 95% of HP and Brother printer models

Sustainability: In every part of Xerox Business

  • Xerox has a long term commitment to sustainable practices
  • Over 2.5 million cartridges returned annually
  • Environmental management systems help achieve a 94% recycling rate for non-hazardous materials